The multi-arts festival in Australia’s most culturally thriving city will kick-off tomorrow (October 10), and present a gamut of performances. The Sherp brings you the best of the circus acts at the event


1. Cirkopolis

The inspiration for this act comes from German film-maker Fritz Lang’s 1927 film, Metropolis. The audience will be treated to gravity-defying stunts and flamboyant visual imagery at this performance, which won New York’s Drama Desk Award earlier this year. Cirkopolis is a production by the Canadian circus arts company, Cirque Éloize.


2. Opus

This act presents a unique marriage between circus and music. It is a collaboration between Australia’s circus arts pioneers Circa, and French string quartet, Debussy Quartet. The music played by the musician served as a magnificent background story to the awe-inspiring and effortless movements by the acrobats.


3. If These Walls Could Talk

This act with a twist interprets the thorny relationship between life and death in the most amazing manner. 


4. Carrousel des Moutons

Each (p)art of this act will leave you mesmerised — from illusion and music, to circus and acrobats. 


5. Nanjing Project

This performance is an interesting tie-up between the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe and Australian artistes from two institutes — the National Institute of Circus Arts and Flying Fruit Fly Circus. Be prepared to catch a melting pot right in front of your eyes.


(Cover Image Courtesy: Circa Contemporary Circus Facebook)