Groove Island promised so much and really managed to deliver at the end of September.

The unique musical festival took over the beautiful harbour of Catalina Island, and welcomed music lovers to a real paradise. It was a place with palm tree lined avenues, gorgeous sun, plenty of places to eat, drink and relax and soak up the vibes.

Once there there was no shortage of things to do – dance, water sports, cook, various wellness offerings, ghost tours, checking out the world’s largest ballroom, exploring the local hills, the Wine Catalina, and plenty more besides. As well as that there was an escape room with Sam Feldt, soccer with Mark Knight, a zipline course with Dillon Nathaniel, and an ocean snorkeling adventure with Chus & Ceballos.

It was a magical event that was amazingly well run, smooth and with plenty of welcoming staff and locals all thanks to Whet Travel’s know how. It left an indelible impression and set a hugely high standard given that this was a first event.

Here are 10 of the best photos to capture that.

Photos by Adam Hahn, Melton Photography and Veran Miky