Music festival subculture features a lot of inexplicable things like totally random festival props that somehow become a trend. They are an expression of freedom and celebration and music festivals just wouldn’t be the same without them. The Sherp lists 10 such crazy festival props that you are most likely to witness in action!


1. Animal Heads

Animal head masks are downright disturbing latex creations that have become a worldwide phenomenon.

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2. Angel Wings

Angel wings to match pretentious attitudes.

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3. Guy Fawkes Mask

The Guy Fawkes mask has been made part of pop culture by several elements, most notably the ‘V For Vendetta’ movie, the video for Nicky Romero’s ‘Toulouse’ and the ethical hacking group ‘Anonymous.’

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4. Totems

Totems come in all shapes, sizes and designs and have everything from celebrity pics to memes on them; anything to get people laughing, and the attention you crave.

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5. Wigs

Wigs are popular due to their ability to instantly add a dash of colour and excitement.

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6. Storm Trooper/Darth Vader Helmet

Star Wars helmets because after all, who wouldn’t want to be on the dark side?

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7. LED Gloves

‘Gloving’ to add trippy visuals to go with the music.

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8. Inflatables

Inflatables are right at home at festivals and come in various forms – bananas, dolls and even rafts to crowdsurf on.

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9. Instagram Cutouts

These Instagram cut-outs make for a fun carry-along photobooth prop. Selfie-addicts will love this!


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10. Gas Masks/Respirators

Gas Masks and Respirators at music festivals because why not?

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Did we miss out any? Tell us YOUR favourite festival props!