After many requests from our readers, The Sherp partners with Skyscanner to bring Indian electronic music lovers a budget plan to the biggest event on the planet – Tomorrowland. 

In the past few weeks, we’re recognising the good that comes out of travelling abroad to a music festival you love. But travelling from India all the way to the biggest music festivals in the world is no joke. It can be exasperatingly expensive, and which is why we’ve been quietly dishing out budget plans, so people can be aware of how much it would cost to go to their favourite music festival, and how the expenditure can be controlled.

But if there’s one festival we’ve received most number of requests for, it’s Tomorrowland Belgium, and with good reason i.e being every electronic music fan’s dream destination. So, lo and behold, we’re here listing out just how you can get to Tomorrowland 2016 on a budget, all the way from India.

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1. If you are serious about heading to Tomorrowland 2016, you can STILL buy some tickets.

Earlier, a Full Madness Pass covering all three days of Tomorrowland costed about EUR 237.50 $300 that would be about INR 18,000, a deal which has already sailed. Fret not, Viagogo is offering some pretty sweet deals as of now. You can score a regular weekend pass for with Camping between INR 50,000 and 60,000. Get your tickets, here.

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2. The round trip flights to and from Belgium must be booked now to avail the cheapest flight tickets.

With the festival being held on the weekend of July 22 in Belgium, you would want to book flights a day prior to it beginning and a day after it ends. For those with Dreamville packages, you are guaranteed a stay of 5 days, for which it is better you to fly in two days before the festival. We have the perfect travel hack to save on your flight tickets. Book a round trip from Mumbai to Brussels for as cheap as 32,000 to 35,000 INR on Skyscanner. And then take a trip down to Boom. This will save you over a lakh, as Mumbai to Boom’s closest airport Antwerp is a lot more expensive.

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Another travel hack to sign up for a ‘Skyscanner price alert’ for this route. This will help you keep a track of how prices are moving, giving you an opportune time to make your booking.


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3. You can instead, decide to sacrifice Dreamville and stay at one of the many modest places in Boom, Belgium, where Tomorrowland is held

Going to Tomorrowland would mean you’re going to be spending all your time at Boom, in Belgium where the festival is held. If you find the Dreamville packages expensive, or if you’re traveling alone and cannot split a tent with someone else, then you’d rather much stay in Boom, Belgium, which has many an affordable stay option. Of course, as a single traveler, you can always take up dormitories, or hostels around Antwerp and Boom which would be at an affordable distance from the festival venue. Since Boom is not a very popular destination, otherwise, you’re more inclined to find hotels in Antwerp, from where you can take one of the many trains that ply to Boom. You can avail the bus and train packages listed on the website, which you should probably buy, now.

If you do decide to book room, you will find double-occupancy rooms for less than INR 10,000 a night. Which, if you split with another person, will cost you INR 5,000.

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4. Eating and drinking at Tomorrowland, is not entirely unaffordable, for the festival does dish out several delectable items that you can find in your budget.

You can buy a can of beer for EUR 2, or even a light savory dish for under EUR 5, making food at Tomorrowland pretty darn inexpensive. Ideally, if you space your meals, you should manage a day’s worth in under EUR 50, or INR 3700.

5. Do make it a point to tour Belgium, after all looking never costed much.

Belgium is one of the most artistic countries in the world, with a rich cultural heritage. Staying at Dreamville would mean not having enough time to really get out, but should you be staying anywhere in Antwerp, do take the time to tour the city in the mornings, and explore its several buildings and museums.

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6. This is the overall cost of heading to Tomorrowland

If we exclude the cost of staying at Dreamville, and count staying at a hotel, your entire trip to Tomorrowland including the tickets, the flight, stay and food should cost you anywhere between INR 90,000 to 1,20,000. The price would shoot up with a stay at Dreamville, which as past attendees will have you believe, is entirely worth it.

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