For all you introverted souls out there –  we hear you! 

For some introverts, music festivals could be waking nightmares. However, there are many that find the anonymity relaxing. Regardless of which kind of introvert you are, music festivals, in all their wonderful glory, do come with many little quirks that may seriously antagonize the introvert within you. The Sherp feels your pain, and is here to voice your annoyances. Here are some of the worst things introverts have to face at music festivals.


1. Waiting in line.

Whether you’re waiting for your festival band, at security or simply at the bar for a drink, waiting in line means standing close to strangers in a stuffy place that will commit the worst social crime possible in the introvert’s bible – small-talk. When faced with several dozens of waiting individuals, small-talk is prerequisite. Unfortunately.

can you not


2. Human interaction in general.

You’re tired of repeating that you’re not sad, depressed, melancholy, or anything else people think you are. You’re okay! And you just want to be left alone! Why is that so hard to understand?



3. Buying things.

One of the worst experiences for someone who doesn’t enjoy social interactions is having to scream your request to the food vendor/bartender or whatever else you’re trying to purchase at a festival. As if these situations weren’t awkward enough, already.

ron swanson


4. People who don’t respect your space.

Music festivals are probably the most crowded events on earth, garnering thousands of people to one venue. Sweaty, intoxicated people all up in your face, breathing down your neck and jostling you around is easily an introvert’s worst nightmare. Nothing gives you shivers down your spine like a couple grinding two inches from your face.



5. People who don’t respect the headphones.

Headphones are your beard so people automatically assume you do not wish to be bothered. Alas, people are slow learners. You’re wearing headphones to a live music event, SO WHAT?



6. People in general.

You’re starting to think that an apocalypse that wipes out the entire population may not be such a bad idea.

Too Many People GIF


7. No space free of chaos.

Quite literally.

festival crowd


8. Strangers asking for smokes.

After all the effort you put into looking unapproachable. Plebeians everywhere.



9. Being approached by the opposite sex.

When an interested party from the opposite sex approaches you, most of the time you’re too surprised and flattered to voice a coherent response, and other times you’re simply exasperated. All you want to do is enjoy an evening of good music and solitary freedom. So, thanks, but no thanks. Until…



10. You see someone you would “ideally” approach. 

Except you’ve made up your mind about the fact that you hate human interaction and this makes you socially inept. Spotting someone fine is the worst kind of agony for an introvert as your insides are torn between the urge to hide and the urge to declare your eternal love to this human being. Tough luck, mate.



(Gifs via: Giphy/Tumblr)