It’s been a fascinating week in the world of festivals, from two amazing artists heading to India, and the world witnessing David Guetta’s weird downward spiral. Here are The Sherp’s list of top stories for the week. 

1. Skrillex Is Finally Coming To India This October



It’s official. The dubstep king has finally decided to head to India on tour. Read about it here.

2. DJ Snake Is Coming To India ‘Soon’



Speaking of International artists coming to India, after Major Lazer last year, DJ Snake will be heading this way too. Read all about it here.

3. Watch Steve Aoki Close His Tomorrowland Set With His Rendition Of The Titanic Theme Song 



‘Nough said. Watch it here.

4. Rajasthan’s Magnetic Fields Festival Unveiled Their 2015 Dates! 



The ethereally musical Magnetic Fields Festival finally revealed their dates. Read about it here.

5. Watch David Guetta Play A Nursery Rhyme During His Set At Tomorrowland 



What is up with David Guetta, you ask? Find out all about it here.

6. Asia’s Largest Cruise Festival Unleash Their Final Line-Up



Head here to find out all about the ambitious cruise festival’s lineup.

7. This Man Stole The Cell Phones Off 37 Tomorrowland Attendees 




Read all about this major mobile heist here.

8. Throwback: Why Woodstock ’99 Is Known As The Day Music Died



One of the greatest festivals in the world suffered an unfortunate end in 1999. Read all about what happened here.