Looking for a new music festival buddy? Here are 9!

Music festivals are, universally, considered a group activity, when you can very well enjoy the adventure and glory of a music festival without having to take care, look around for (especially with crappy cell service) or worry about splitting up with your friends. The best festival buddy is that which enhances the experience, not dampens it.

Ergo, The Sherp brings to you nine wonderfully mundane things that can replace the company of a friend and guarantee you implicit amount of fun, just the same.

1. Beer


(Image Courtesy:jacksonkayak.com)

Chilled beer on a hot summer day is nirvana. And finding this pleasure when you’ve lost your human friends is just serendipity. Beer is a carefree and constant companion. It gives you just the right amount of buzz to enjoy the music and keep your shit together.

2. Marijuana

giphy (2)

(Image Courtesy: giphy.com)

Or rather grass, weed, dope, 420, pot, blunt, skunk or any other redundant term they’ve got for it, you get the drift. Marijuana is your bff if you want to ditch your buds at a music festival, because boredom is POTentially out of the question. Sorry, WEED better not get carried away. Is this article disappointing you? We’re sure you had HIGH expectations. Alright, we’re done with the terrible weed related puns!

3. “Fireworks” Diffraction Glasses


(Image Courtesy: giphy.com)

Fireworks are diffraction lenses that will make your festival experience feel like a Beatles song (i.e. abundantly trippy). These glasses essentially spread out the colors in a beam of light, making everything colorful and firework-like. These can be an excellent companion when coupled with point number 2. Just saying.

4. Tinder


(Image Courtesy: grazia.fr)

What better place to make new friends (or more) than a music festival? Tinder can be your go-to app when in need of new buddies. Find people with similar interests around you at the festival and garner insane stories. See how Tinder hookups skyrocketed at Coachella this year.

5. Camera


(Image Courtesy: tumblr.com)

You stand on your own at a music festival, lurking around people, not really doing anything and you’re more than likely to be labelled a massive creeper. Unless your bestfriend is the Invisibility Cloak of music festivals. If you have a camera, nobody will bother judging you. You can enjoy the music and capture the festivities all on your own. This is your weapon of choice if you ever decide to hit the road and go to a festival on you own.

6. Social Media


(Image Courtesy: noisy.vice.com)

Who needs real friends when you have virtual ones? Social Media is a great companion if you’ve lost both signal and sight of your friends. Immortalize your festival experience on the internet.

7. The Front Rail


(Image Courtesy: cultnoise.com)

Some of us love music festivals for the entire experience, but some are there solely for the music. If you have your schedule planned out, head to where your favourite artist is performing and pretty much glue yourself to the railing in front of the stage, because that’s your best buddy for the rest of the day. This is where you can freaky-dance and enjoy the music without having to hear your friends shout in your ear something you can’t hear anyway.

8. Your Pet


(Image Courtesy: twimg.com)

Your pet can be an excellent buddy at a festival, especially if it’s a camping fest. If you’re waiting for an artist to come on, or need a break from the music, your cat/dog/impala can entertain you and be great company as you explore the festival grounds. Granted, pets are permitted on festival grounds.

9. Fooood!


(Image Courtesy: roaminghunger.com)

This is your opportunity to binge! Instead of freaking out about losing your friends, try a couple food stalls, because we all know that food is pretty much the next best thing after music at a festival.

We deem you potentially prepared to face the music at a festival on your own now. Subscribe to The Sherp for more music festival minutiae and deets. What’s your favourite music festival buddy?