And that’s only on the first weekend!

Looks like our beloved Cali festival is also Cali’s most beloved hookup central. Tinder tells us that the app usage ricocheted up to 300% in Palm Springs and Idio for Weekend One of Coachella, compared to the weekend before.


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That just proves that the sun wasn’t the only thing that was hot this weekend in California.

Here’s the age breakdown of users at Coachella this past weekend:

  • 13-17 = 1%
  • 18-24 = 31%
  • 25-34 = 49%
  • 35-44 = 16%
  • 45-54 = 1%
  • 55+ = 1%
  • Unknown = 1%

Question: what are thirteen year olds even doing at Coachella or on Tinder? Here’s what some of you guys on Twitter have to say about this weekend at the mighty Coach.

Amen to that.  

Hah! If only he knew.

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