The Sherp loves that the inspiring people behind St+Art India Foundation have been constantly trying to revamp the city spaces, by organised city based public art festivals! Today we round up the work from the recently concluded Delhi edition.

1) Crochet Installation by Olek on a Rain Basera

Rain Basera are brilliant initiatives by the Delhi government which act as shelter homes for the homeless especially during the harsh weather seasons. Unfortunately, very few people know about this. Highlighting this is artist Olek who put together this breathtaking crochet installation along with local women.

Olek_Crochet Installation Final_Pranav Mehta (2)(image credits: Akshat Nauriyal)

2) Art work by Joao Samina at Hauz Khas Village

Artist Joao Samina did no mean feat with this grand art piece. He stencilled Indian photographer Ved Upadhyay’s portrait of this old lady to this artist perfection. His work stands tall at Hauz Khas Village.

8Joao Samina_Pranav Mehta(image credits: Pranav Mehta)

3) Art work by 1010 at School of Planning and Architecture

This piece of work by artist 1010 fits like a chaotic, but correct slab in the puzzle of creativity that architecture is. That it has been made on the School of Planning and Architecture’s building is pure fairness.

1010_Finished Wall_Pranav Mehta(image credits: Pranav Mehta)

4) Art work by Lady Aiko at Lodhi Colony

Lady Aiko wished to convey a strong sense of female empowerment in her art work. And which Indian female character stands greater than Rani Laxmi Bai? Channelling her strength perfectly is this art work at Lodhi Colony.

Aiko final_Akshat Nauriyal (1)(image credits: Akshat Nauriyal)

5) Art work by Axel Void at Azadpur

Axel Void art work depicting still life must act like such a paradox to the hustle and bustle of a city like Delhi. It’s composure must lend a certain calm to the area of Azadpur where this installation stands.

Axel Void_Pranav Mehta(image credits: Pranav Mehta)

6) Art work by INTI at Khirkee Extension

If you’ve read our interview with St+Art India’s Hanif Kureshi and Akshat Nauriyal here, you will know that this design wasn’t quite approved by the CPWD body of Delhi, and hence had to be moved to Khirkee Extension. Looks quite serene and soothing to us.

INTI_final_2_Akshat Nauriyal(image credits: Akshat Nauriyal)

7) Art work by Okuda at Lok Nayak Bhawan

Titled ‘Day and Night. You & You.’, the art work by Okuda perfectly encapsulates the passing mood between both. And the manner in which the art work makes the government building stand out is applause-worthy.

Okuda_Pranav Mehta(image credits: Pranav Mehta)

8) Art Work by Rukkit at Connaught Place

This art work depicting an eagle by artist Rukkit makes for a solemn figure. Like a silent protector gazing out, looking out for the city. Or maybe a vigilant protector. Go on, spin your own story.


Rukkit2_Pranav Mehta(image credits: Pranav Mehta)

9) Art Work by DAleast at Lodhi Colony

This art piece by DAleast at Lodhi Colony pretty much stands for all of India. Chaotic on the outside, nestling into a certain calmness on the inside.

Lodhi Colony_DAleast_Finished_Akshat Nauriyal(image credits: Akshat Nauriyal)

(All images courtesy: St+Art India Foundation)