You’ll never ever face festival FOMO once you get through this ultimate life-saver of a list!

Ever have that annoying feeling of missing out on your favourite festival just because you live in another part of the world? And then you see a friend’s Instagram post where they are in the front row with your favourite band headlining the festival-burns your hair right off, right? What if we told you there were other ways to keep your festival excitement up even if you cannot attend a festival? Here’s how, find out:

1. Outdoor Concert


Undoubtedly a no-brainer if you’re in it for the music! Local music acts or even the freebie performances you get to see in the mall space goes a long way in satisfying your craving for that festival vibe, and sure as hell gives you a good time!

2. Workshops

Credits: photobucket

Most festivals go the extra mile to give the attendees an immersive experience with workshops. Be it yoga, art, craft, music, reading, whatever your calling, the cities have a number of workshops that you can take part in for a whole load of learning and an equally great fun time! 

3. DIY Festival Experience

Credits: Improvised Life

Experiencing a festival atmosphere needn’t always mean heading out of the comfort of your home. Think you have a cool pad or a rooftop that you can transform into an uber-cool setting? Go ahead and do just that! Set up a projector screening, a few tables and call over your friends, it’s sure to make for a memorable night! 

4. Local Farmers Market

Credits: Circle Of Docs

Indulge in a healthy and smart activity by heading to the local farmer’s market to grab some fresh produce that is sure to be ‘oh so yummy’! Go a step further and plan a picnic with family at an open park with delicacies you’ve cooked up and you’ve got a beautiful day lined up!

5. Cycling and Sightseeing

Credits: Mid Day

There are tons of activities you can do with cycling. Be it an off-road setting or just cruising through your city on your bike, it is a fun activity. Pick early mornings or late nights and set off with a group of cyclists. What’s more, you may get to experience your city in a different light sans all the crowds and traffic-trust us, that’s a beautiful feeling!

6. Club Night

Credits: Disco Tech

Now, we reserve Fridays as our Clubbing Nights! We just need our dose of our popular jam blasting on the speakers, cocktail in hand, shimmering in our best outfits! It’s a night we can just let loose and lose ourselves to the experience. Plan a night out with friends and you’ll see what we are talking about!

7. Trekking/Hiking


For true peace of mind and to experience the serenity of escaping the mundane and regular life you are so tired of, head out to a hill station and take up trekking or nature walks to disconnect. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel one with nature and connect to your inner self. All you need is a backpack and a free-spirit attitude!

8. Jam Session For Musicians


Say you’ve got the talent; you can either sing, play an instrument or maybe do both, get a hold of other musicians and jam your hearts out! Fire up those favourite rock numbers you’re otherwise too shy to play loud and connect with the people that best understand you!

9. Camping By A Lake

Credits: Camp Trend

Camping is a beautiful experience and one we insist everyone should have. Find out where the nearest hill near you is and make a plan to camp the night there. Be sure to spend the night just to get a glimpse of the stars, cause you just may not see them as clearly when you’re back in the city!

10. Watersports


This is an exclusive to all you daredevils out there! Watersports can give you the adrenaline surge that you’ve been craving so bad! Get a dose of fun out of white water rafting or any other activity that best suits you! Safety is always first and foremost guys! 

Agree with our list? So the next time you feel down and out, and are facing festival FOMO, remember there’s so much you can do and still not feel left out!