Kesha was absolute fire!

The prolific German producer Zedd enthralled the Coachella crowd by bringing out Kesha to sing the title track from his famous LP, True Colors!

Not a long time ago, Zedd expressed his concern over Kesha’s ongoing case of rape allegations against Dr. Luke and her contract with Sony, offering to produce a song for her. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but this Coachella performance definitely makes up for that!

This is a massive moment for the troubled singer, who has refused to give in to pressure from Dr. Luke and Sony, the latter stating that they’ll free the singer from the contract if she takes back the rape allegations. Rumours of Dr. Luke being fired from Sony have been slammed by the producer, and it looks like Kesha’s road to recovery just got a bit longer.

However, her performance from Coachella showed a more free-spirited side of the singer, showing the world she isn’t scared of anyone and she loves her fans dearly.

This moment is definitely for the books, as Kesha continues on her quest to redefine herself as an artist and get back to what she does best!