Amidst all the madness that ensued at Laxmi Lawns, Pune, The Sherp managed to overhear some inarguably funny but strange conversations.

1. “That Alo Wala chick is so hot, but her voice is like a little girl’s.”

“Yeah, makes me feel like a paedophile.”

2.  Dude, listen. At the Bhayanak Maut mosh pit na, I got elbowed in the asshole.”


“It was awesome.”


(Images Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender)

3. “Bro, you seem cool. Do you have some maal on you?”


4. “Hey man, I love your headgear.”


“You have to give it to me. My girlfriend said she’d sleep with me if I got it for her.”

“Well, I guess you’re not getting laid tonight.”


5. “See that girl over there?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I saw her making out with a another guy at The Dewarists stage”


(Image Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender)

6. Fuck yeahhhhh, Pooooonaaa, are you ready?!”

– Pretty much every band/artiste on the Micromax Mega Mix Stage

(Images Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender)

7. “Is it just me, or are there more 14-year-olds here compared to last year?”

(Images Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender)

8. You know who really REALLY killed it today?”

“Who, Goldspot?”

“God no….That chubby kid from The Manganiyar Classroom.”


(Images Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender)

9. Why did you take so long to get here, man?”

Rickshawalas were asking for 500 bucks from KP.”


“So, I fucking walked.”


10. “Channelling Monica Dogra is a new thing or what?”


“Every single girl here has a bloody bindi on.”



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