Party without waking up with a hangover the next day!

A unique idea conceptualized by the Argentines, Yoga Rave is the new wave drawing crowds all over the world with an ingenious concept of partying that doesn’t involve drugs, tobacco or alcohol. Given that Argentina is one of the leading consumers of drugs, the idea is truly revolutionary.

What sets this rave apart is that it begins in a calm silence with yoga and meditation, which later turns into an electronic music party. One of the most spectacular things is the sight of people dancing with their children in their arms, as there are no age restrictions to attend the Yoga Rave. Each individual can find his own space here by dancing and jumping or simply relaxing. To keep people physically active, energy drinks made with fruits and vegetables are sold at the bar.

Conceived by The Art of Living Foundation, the experience has been taken to countries like Brazil, Chile, Norway, USA and even India! People who have attended the Yoga Rave have found the experience overwhelming. They describe the feeling as that of ‘pure love’ and a genuine one without intoxicating your bodies. You establish a profound connection with yourself sans the use of artificial substances.

Javier Cerezuela, a 30-year-old journalist claimed that people who attend the event are curious about what they find. He said:

“In an environment where they’re used to drinking and taking drugs, they see people of all ages drinking juice and they have no idea what’s going to happen. But when the event is over, they have ear-to-ear smiles and that doesn’t happen at normal nightclubs.”

Is this the best alternative to the mainstream festivals that have been experiencing tragic deaths due to drug overdose? Can people actually have fun without being in an altered state of mind under the influence of a substance? What do you think? Share your views with The Sherp!


Here’s a clipping of the ‘So What Project!’, who have been a major part of the Yoga Rave, perform live: