Las Vegas is the chosen stop for the festival + live event convention & expo this year on the 5th and 6th of December. 

XLIVE 2016 is the largest of its kind event in the world and it brings various companies and brands together at one spot by holding interactive sessions, talks, guest speeches and exhibitions on all things festival-related.

The event is about curating topics ranging from cutting-edge innovation such as Augmented/Virtual Reality, the use of RFID Wristband Technology, EventMobile Apps, and Festival Live Streaming. It’s all about using festivals as a catalyst to inspire and revitalise communities and create memorable festival experiences. Companies like AirBnB, Live Nation, Insomniac Events, Eventbrite, Goldenvoice and SFX Entertainment will be present and they will discuss a broad selection of immersive experiences for festival go-ers. There are more than 140 speakers, 80+ exhibitions and 40+ interactive sessions expected at the event; more than enough to keep attendees engaged throughout.


The three important key note speakers for the event are Head of Global Hospitality for AirBnB, Chris Conley, Eventbrite’s CEO, Julia Hartz, and Vice President of Virtual Reality for HTC, Rikard Steiber. 

Also, here are a few panels which should definitely make your list:

The importance of festivals to musicians

Building the perfect festival venues from behind the scenes

How VIP experiences are influencing the festival landscape

Getting ahead in the festival scene without a music industry background

How mobile technology is changing the way fans attend live events

Another highlight at the event will be the appointment of a special panel to discuss the increase in niche festivals surrounding craft beer, food, wine.

XLIVE 2016 is a major platform for anyone in the festival industry to get a look inside the large community that no one has an idea about. Check out the video:

The organisers hope to help create and gain access to tools that will transform the current state of the festival and the event industry and take it to a whole new level.

For more information on the event and registrations, visit their official website. You can also follow their Facebook page for any more updates and news.