The country’s biggest beer pong tournament, Beer Pong Slam, is back with it’s 6th edition.

Junglee Rummy Presents Beer Pong Slam – Edition 6, Powered By Morning Fresh at The White Owl, is the perfect venue for you to gulp down some beer goodness and have a ball of a time (get the pun right there?) while doing it too. For those of you who don’t know what beer pong is, it’s basically just beer teamed up with a fun game which needs some serious hand-eye coordination! Beer Pong Slam usually has two or one player in each team and each team tries to land a ping pong ball into the opponents cups, which are all filled with beer! Players are required to drink the beer if the ball is drained in their cup. The best part is, there are no actual losers in this game as everyone gets to gulp down some delicious and chilled beer!

Even if you lose you’ll be treated to some fun beer-related goodies! Check out the awesomeness of Edition 5.

The biggest reason you should head to this event is because you can win grand prizes upto INR 1 lakh, ranging from T-shirts by Redwolf, wine chiller sticks by Matchstix and vouchers by Monk Story. There is also a hefty cash prize of INR 20,000! There are only going to be 64 teams which will be accepted into the tournament. So make sure you register ASAP! And did we mention that the beer served at the venue will be right out of White Owl’s Brewery? So here are the details you need.

Date: October 22nd.

Time: 5:30 pm to 12 am.

Venue: White Owl Brewery, One Indiabulls Center, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Registration Fee –  INR 1000/team (the team can consist of minimum 1 or max 2 players).

Check their Facebook event page right here and their Facebook page here.

Also check out the fabulous partners who have made it possible, Junglee Rummy and Morning Fresh!  

This is the perfect weekend plan to get your game face on and get your competitive spirits up with the “BEER PONG SLAM”! Make sure you don’t miss it! Get your passes here.

Credits: Beer Pong Slam