The road to the 6th edition of the biennial Singapore Garden Festival has been smooth till now. As a treat to everyone roaming around Marina Square, the festival launch event was dominated by the world’s largest floral chandelier, a Guinness World Record!

The chandelier itself was made using a staggering 60,000 flowers. and it was on showcase during the official launch at Marina Square.



For the uninitiated, the Singapore Garden Festival (or SGF) happens every two years, and it’s a showcase of some of the most exotic flowers, international variants of plants, and other garden-related stuff.

The organizers are in no mood to slow down, doubling up in terms of magnitude when compared to the previous edition. The festival is going to take up 10 hectares, which is extremely vast for a garden festival!



The main focus this year is on plant adoption, where you’ll get to choose from over 8,000 plants. The festival has promised concerts and several food stalls during the 9-day festival.

Singapore Garden Festival 2014 (49)

Singapore Garden Festival 2014 (33)


As for the dates, SGF happens on July 23-31!