Sufi music takes center stage at two absolutely magnificent forts in Nagaur & Jodhpur.

The World Sufi Spirit Festival will display the most beautiful of sacred traditions from the Orient, the East and Africa, while showing off the wealth of Rajasthan`s traditional heritage. This is a heritage at the crossroads of Indian, Afghan, Mughal, Arab and Persian civilizations, between Hinduism and Sufi Islam.

The festival will showcase various artists from all over whose music has been influenced by the history of the nomads. It is through art and music that one can relate to a deep feeling of elation – balancing between fulfillment and a yearning for the beloved, as declaimed by the Sufi poets.

The motive of the festival is to take visitors on “amazing spiritual & musical journey” in course of the Sufi traditions from Asia, East, India and Africa. The 6th edition of the festival will consist of almost 100 artists participating from India and abroad collectively.

Here’s a short clip on what you can expect at this spectacular gathering :

When & Where :

Nagaur: 17th – 19th February, 2014

Jodhpur: 21th – 23th February, 2014