Residents of Schorre, Boom are raising a petition to abandon the second weekend of the festival.

Tomorrowland organizers ID&T are in a bit of a fix following complaints from the surrounding locals that the festival creates massive inconvenience as tourists from all over the world flock to the tiny town to be of this global event.

Following the UMF trend, the festival, scheduled for July, is set to span out over two weekends this year. Tomorrowland has worked with the residents before, as well as given them tours of the festival grounds and free tickets to make up for the nuisance it creates for them.

Well, this looks more like a case of the locals not being satisfied with the compensative ‘perks’ ID&T offer them, more than just a question of sheer inconvenience – this assumption being attested by the fact that not only are they petitioning to call off weekend 2, but also cut short the opening weekend as well.

The festival is the pinnacle of electronic dance music gatherings and we certainly hope the fate of weekend 2 works out for all parties in the best way. There will be a follow up consultation on this matter. The Sherp will keep you updated.