Jodhpur Riff, India’s proud custodian of the best of world music, both local and international, is returning this October, and there is much to look forward to.

The culturally gifted city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, is all set to play host to the annual Rajasthan International Folk Festival or Jodhpur Riff as it’s more popularly called, again, this October. Taking place at the unflinchingly beautiful Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, the festival is a wonderful confluence of folk music from around the globe; truly the only festival in India that witnesses interesting jugalbandis, between Indian rhythms and global tunes.


With the iconic festival a mere three weeks away, The Sherp looks at why Jodhpur Riff is the quintessential musical offering you cannot miss.

Quintessentially cultural – Rajasthan

If there is any state in India that shoulders the responsibility of bearing its true, cultural manifestation, it’s Rajasthan. Easily one of the few regions where local crafts, enriched with mastery unlike ever, and artistry, music and dance that have gone on to serve as the state’s true tokens, bear fortitude even in the changing times of induced modernism. This is perhaps why Rajasthan invites the most number of tourists in India, due to its ability to make an austere offering of the old, as you itch to step away from the new. One needs not a reason to pay the grand old state a visit, but if one needed any, then Jodhpur Riff makes for a pretty compelling one. Combing music, ancient secrets, local arts and the pleasant October weather, Jodhpur Riff is a musical Rajasthani gift, unlike any other.


The royal Mehrangarh Fort

If one were to experience the best of folk music in the state of Rajasthan, what better a place would make for a location than one of the many ancient forts that act as proud custodians of the state. Making this ideal a reality is Jodhpur Riff as it takes you to the historically relevant confines of the enthralling Mehrangarh Fort to soak in the best of world music. The Fort that overlooks the postcard-beautiful city serves as a sombre background to the brilliance that unfurls within in. This makes for a musical experience unlike any other music festival in India; one not bridled with chaos and exuberance, but one amplified with the sheer profundity of it all.



For The Arts

What exemplifies the art paradise at Jodhpur Riff is the fact that the festival is a non-profit effort involving the partnership of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation. In addition to that, the festival has been hailed by UNESCO as a “Peoples’ Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”. With The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger serving as the festival’s international patron, the festival has solely dedicated itself to showcasing the best in folk music. Its credibility stands proved with the festival’s pursuit of putting colloquial music on the global map.





There is a beautiful sentiment in classical Indian music that pursues collaboration. Literally meaning ‘entwined twins’, Jugalbandi represents the idea that is livened when two different kinds of musicians come together in unison to create a beautiful and cohesive sound.

This concept is brought to life in the most glorious manner at Jodhpur Riff. Featuring musical talent from all around the world, the festival often brings musicians of various styles for interesting takes on fusion, resulting in performances that heighten the experience of world music.

Music 2015

The festival classically begins on a note of traditional Rajasthani art offering before culminating into the year’s featured performances. The 2015 edition of Jodhpur is an eclectic mix that features known folk music from India, Grammy award winners and even up and coming electronic acts.

The lineup features names like the woman with the powerful voice, Bhanwari Devi, classical singer Parveen Sabrina Khan, Anwar Khan Manganiyar, Barkat Khan, along with internationally renowned acts like that of the Grammy-award winning bassist Yossi Fine, Brian Molley Quartet and Shooglenifty. A lineup, that truly leaves very little for imagination.


The takeaway

Fans and listeners of world music will be drawn in by the authentic sounds that bear fruit at Jodhpur Riff. Truly enriching in every sense of the world, the festival also provides for an experience that is distinct and variant, making for a journey of discovery through India’s rich offing of folk and classical music, as it stands head to head with folk-runners from around the world. This, armed with the true-blood Rajasthani atmosphere makes it that much more special.


(All Images From : Jodhpur Riff Facebook)