There’s a new festival in town, and it looks extremely promising! With a music festival headlined by Daddy G of Massive Attack, 10 Heads has food, magic, theatre, and a whole bunch of amazing things to offer!

Gear up for what promises to be the most fulfilling festival experience of your life, starting from October 22, at the Dhanchiri Camping Resort on NH-8. The name 10 Heads owes itself to the fact that this actually 10 different festivals, created by 10 handpicked curators, to create 10 extraordinary elements that make one massive super-festival!

10heads1(Image via: 10 Heads Festival/Facebook)

The gastronomical experience is called Foodistan, and the music festival is Band Baja Bass. There’s a festival solely for wines, drinks and mixology called ToddyfestFete De Luxe is afair for high-end luxury products, the Great Indian Bazaar is the flea festival, Bachcha Party is a kids special, Dramarama is the immersive theatre festival, and Jaadunagari is going to be India’s first ever magic and illusions festival. Added to these are two more festivals that are rather unique – Compow, a festival for pop-culture & e-creativity, and Jugaadistaan, a festival for indigenous innovation. If that doesn’t sound incredible, we don’t know what does.

If you want to know more about the festival, check out the 10 Heads Festival Facebook page. For more updates on the festival, keep an eye on The Sherp!