After losing her son to suspected drug abuse at a music festival, this woman launched a petition, urging people to support pill-testing at festivals in Australia. 

There have been many deaths in the past year to account for drugs at music festivals. Adriana Buccianti wrote a post on The Huffington Post about how blaming organizers for the deaths related to drugs at music festivals will not garner any useful results. This post advocates pill-testing at music festivals, which has been an increasingly popular suggestion, especially at music festivals in Australia. Here’s a snippet of her post, 

The reality is, drug consumption has been around for many years and will be around for many more. We need to try something different if we’re going to keep our kids alive […] Frankly, I am somewhat appalled to read NSW Premier Mike Baird’s recent comments laying the blame at the feet of festival organisers for illicit drugs used at their events […] That is why I support pill testing. It’s a way to prevent dealers selling the most dangerous drugs — ones that are contaminated or made of things that people don’t even know exist.

You can read Adriana’s post here and view her petition here. After the deaths at recent Aussie festivals such as Stereosonic, we reckon Australian music festivals may just start implementing pill-testing. What do you think about pill-testing at music festivals? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for more news.