The co-founder of this South by Southwest festival claims responsibility of what has to be the greatest form of vandalism ever. 

In Austin, Texas, right across the street from the SXSW office, is a sign that reads “Bowie Street”. Someone, who was until very recently anonymous, changed this sign to read “David Bowie Street” after the great musician’s death. The internet suspected co-founder of the SXSW festival, Roland Swenson, who initially denied the allegations. Probably because of the fact that many authorities deemed it as an act of vandalism. However, Senson has now come clean, releasing a statement about the matter, saying,

“After [Bowie] passed away this week, I thought to myself ‘We’ll never have Bowie at SXSW, but we can still have David Bowie St.”

Swenson’s attorney says his client was “paying tribute to a great musician” and there was “never any intent to vandalize anything or waste any of the city’s resources.” The Sherp sincerely hopes that the authorities decide to let the sign maintain its recent change. Here’s a petition you can sign to support the renaming of the street. Stay tuned for more news.

bowie street

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