Individuality goes a long way!

Last year, the Desert Hearts Festival drew about 2,500 people to an Indian reservation northeast of San Diego, which doesn’t impose curfews, allowing the party to rage for 70 hours straight. This year, for their third anniversary, the festival decided to kick it up a notch and shower their faithful fans with 100 hours of unadulterated ‘techno, house and love’.

As usual fans upheld tradition by turning up in multi-coloured, mismatched yet undeniably inspired outfits.  So here are some of the most creative, eccentric and pleasantly absurd ensembles spotted at event this year! 


1. This multi-coloured fairy is everything.


2. Holy headgear!


3. O Captain, my captain?


(Image Courtesy : Wobsarazzi/Desert Hearts Festival)


4. Tres’ Hobochic


5. Thrift store gods and goddesses.


6. All set for that discotheque runway!


(Images Courtesy : instagram/amgzen)


7. It doesn’t get more random than this.


8. Of dancefloor starlords and desert hearts.



9. Bonnet and ponchos go (surprisingly) well together, don’t you think?

galen oakes

(Image Courtesy : Galen Oakes/Fest300)


10. Reflectors and fishnets


12. Biker chicks gone boho!


13. All in all Desert hearts was a veritable explosion of colour.