When we talk about Online Slots, we mean a huge platform where hundreds of different games cohabit. To better understand what an online casino is, we should think about an enormous room like King Casino, where people can access to only if they have been added to the guests list. There could be up to 1000 games in a single room and about million people at the same time.

Slot Machine

Slot machine is the Queen of casino. This super popular game has a very long history and can be considered one of the most lucrative available online.

There are thousands of different versions of machines available and each one has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Different themes and graphics, different bonuses and rewarding icons, different jackpots and pay tables. What makes them similar is that all slots are based on the same concept. The player places a bet and a series of symbols land on the screen to make a winning combination.

The Roulette

If slot machine is the Queen of the Casino, the Roulette is for sure the King. This very old game, has retained all the characteristics and the charm of its first edition, which was launched on the market over a century ago. However, the time runs away and hundreds of online variations of this game appeared, as well as different payments providers. Each day, new Neteller casinos in UK become more and more popular, so gamblers can deposit some funds without any problems. 

To play Roulette, the Player must guess which number will be the winning one. By placing a bet on one or more numbers written on the table, the Dealer will launch a little white ball on a spinning plate which contains all the 37 numbers (zero included).

When the ball stops, the number underneath is the winning one. The fortune is the owner here, the number of rounds played does not matter, the chances of winning are always the same.

The Black Jack

A game where Player is the protagonist is for sure Black Jack. Here you are how it works. To start, the number of players can vary, from a minim of 1 to a maximum of 7 plus the dealer.

The main goal is to beat the dealer by getting a better result when summing the value of the card. Differently than the above ones, to play Black Jack the user must know the rules. This is necessary to take full advantage of the potentiality it offers.

The Poker

You don’t need to make your best “poker face” to play poker anymore. Everyone knows, or at least, has heard about poker.

A maximum number of 5 players and a single deck. The goal is to beat the opponents by getting a better result. The ability of the player matters a lot here. Indeed, it is on the Player to make the choice to change one or more cards from his ones, and then create the opportunity to combine a winning hand.

There are several other games, such as Baccarat, Texas Hold’em or Jhandi Munda Game for example. There are also chances to bet on live sports events. Which one do you prefer among them?