At a glance, poker might seem like a difficult game to get the hang of. The confusing terms used by both the players and dealers can throw a lot of people off the idea of learning how to play, but in fact, it’s a lot easier than it seems

Due to the ongoing pandemic, people have found it difficult to engage with one another. Online poker has allowed people from all over the globe to compete against each other. Most casinos have a live chat option, so each of the players can communicate with each other while the game is in process. 

Although most physical games of Texas Holdem’ have been put on hold to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the online kaszino industry has been booming since early 2020. Although these casinos on the internet have always been popular amongst people who enjoy placing a bet, they have never seen this many people seeking online membership. 

Private Games

Although it is fun playing with random players all over the globe, nothing beats playing against your friends or family members in a private game. Some online betting sites allow members to organize a game of Texas Holdem with certain people.  If you reside in Texas as a business owner, getting an LLC in Texas is very important so the laws can cover your physical campaigns and outreach. With proper registration, you can have your sales team take rounds from door to door. This feature will allow you to choose exactly who you want to join the game. 

In these private games, you and your friends are in complete control. This allows you to decide the following:

  • How much each player needs to buy in to play
  • You can set the value of the big and small blind
  • You can decide whether or not the game should have a timer set 
  • How many people are allowed to play at each table
  • Should there be prizes for first and second places, or first only

It’s a great way of interacting with all your friends at once. Even if you lose all your money, the chances are you will still have a good time. 

Easy to learn how to Play

Many of us have found lots of free time on our hands while stuck indoors during the pandemic. Although most people inevitably feel bored a lot of the time, it is a great opportunity to learn how Texas Holdem is played. 

Yes, there are plenty of books that will help you figure out how the game is played, but one of the most exciting ways of learning how to play is by watching real games. Streaming services like YouTube have thousands of real games uploaded and available to watch for free. In most of these games, there is a glass table with cameras pointing towards the player’s cards. Although players cannot see their opponent’s cards during the game, viewers can. This will help you understand the game quickly and by watching some of the best players on the planet partake in a real money game, you might learn a few tips and tricks. 

There are plenty of free games available too. Social networking platforms like Facebook allow members to play online with fake internet chips. This is a great way of learning the rules and how others play the game without risking losing real cash. There are other applications and programs available for smart devices and computers that allow you to play but on a live casino and offline. If you are not connected to the web, you can play poker against the computer. 

You Can Win Big without Risking a Lot of Money

Without doubt, it is possible to blow your entire life savings playing Texas Holdem, however, if you are like most people, you just have to pay a once-off “buy in” fee to play the game. This is a set amount of money that each member puts in at the start. Although some games do allow “buybacks”, which is when you get knocked out you can pay for more chips, other tables don’t. This means you can only lose what you have put in at the start. 

Most online casinos and poker sites host tournaments on a regular basis. To enter, you have to pay a once off fee to partake in the competition. Although thousands of people might enter making the chances of winning slim, the prize money is often a lot of cash. It is not uncommon for prize money to be worth over $1 million, even if the entry fee is only $10. Playing in these competitions is a fantastic way of improving your poker skills. 

You can Play Multiple Games at Once

Once you get the hang of the game, you might consider trying to play a few games at one time. Professional online poker players can play lots of games all at once. Although this takes a lot of time to get used to, it can increase your chances of winning big.

If you are new to the game, perhaps focusing on one game at a time is your best option. If you want to start playing multiple games together, consider practicing with fake internet coins first. Most games online are timed, which means you don’t have all day to make your move, so playing with fake coins will help you get the hang of multitasking without the worry of losing a lot of money. 


It seems like poker has been around forever. While other card games and other forms of gambling have come and gone, poker has survived. Once you get used to the game, you will understand why. It can be really exciting, especially when a lot of players go “all in”. Although the game itself is pretty easy to play, mastering poker can take years of hard work. Professional players not only play the game, but they spend hours studying it to help them get to the next level. Learning how others react, being able to call other player’s bluff, learning how to bluff yourself, and knowing the statistics of each combination of cards can take a long time to figure out. If you are staying at home most of the time during the pandemic, now is a perfect time to improve your skills!