If you love to play games but you hate to have to spend an hour reading how to play, deciphering complex rules and strategies, then it is better to stick to the less confusing games. With these three casino games, you can quickly get to grips with the basic rules and get started playing straight away!


Whilst there are quite a few different strategies in terms of bet types in roulette, this game can be as easy as betting on red or black and waiting for the ball to hopefully drop onto your chosen color and number. You play this game by putting your chips onto the spot on the table, the layout on the table is labeled to make it quite easy for you to understand. For example, you can select the number you want to bet on, choose between odds or evens, red or black, then there are some slightly more complex bet types. 

A straight bet covers one number, a split bet is betting on two numbers that are adjacent, and a street means betting on three consecutive numbers along the same line. A six line bet is where you place a stake on two adjacent lines, there is also a corner, where you bet on four numbers, and a trio that includes two numbers plus the zero. A basket is a bet on 0, 1 ,2, and 3. Roulette is one of the more famous casino games, famously glamorized by films like Diamonds are Forever, where high stakes are involved.

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Blackjack is a ‘beat the dealer’ game where it is just you against the dealer. A round of Blackjack is very quick and the aim is to get a higher score than the dealer, without your score going over 21. You are dealt two cards, which are dealt face-up and you must decide whether to ‘stand’ (stick with just these cards) or ‘hit’ which means take an extra card. If your cards amount to more than 21 in total, then you have gone bust and you lose. If you stand, then the dealer will need to better your score, if the dealer’s score goes above 21 then you win.

That is a really quick summary of the Blackjack rules of play, but it’s best to do some research before you jump in, so you can be sure that you fully understand the blackjack rules. It is a quick game to get started playing but if you want to do well then it is a good idea to read up on the game a little more, to ensure that you’re clued up on all the rules and strategies – such as the odds of a dealer going bust, and rules around ties, for example.

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Three Card Poker

Poker is such a popular game that there are now many professional poker players around the world making a good living from the game. Learning everything there is to know about poker will take time, but if you want to just have some fun and play a few hands then three card poker is a great game to try.

Much simpler than the full, traditional version, three card poker involves making the best poker hand possible from just three ards. Here, you are playing against the dealer, and there is a lot less to think about compared to the standard poker game.

If you are looking for a new game to try, either online or on your next visit to a land-based casino, then these are the ones you should definitely try your hand at!