Essentially what you’d call a travelling beach festival, India is finally privy to the awesomeness that is Corona Sunsets. Programmed in association with Submerge, some of the world’s most renowned electronic music innovators are part of this multi-city festival travelling across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata and finally arriving in Goa for a grand closure.

On speaking on the event, submerge co founder Nikhil Chinapa stated, “I’d been for a Corona Sunsets party last year in Ibiza and the vibe was just spectacular. The sunset, the music and the earthy decor all lent to an amazing experience. The music is refreshingly different too – soulful, alternative and filled with happiness. I’m really happy to be a part of the stellar lineup in Bangalore as I’ll be playing a bunch of new tunes that I wouldn’t get to play normally. Plus with Fur Coat headlining, I know we’re in for a proper stomping session in Bangalore!”

While the Delhi and Pune editions have ended, it is time for the Bangalore leg of this adventure. To keep you up to speed with what you can expect from the event, here’s a list.


1. The Mandala Stage

The production of the event is centered around the Mandala Stage, derived from the Hindu and Buddhist symbol of the Mandala – a depiction of harmony and balance. The stage has this mandala backdrop that consists of three circular flower structures within each other. A unique and interesting design.



2. The sound of the Beach.

The vibe of a Corona sunset is close to what you’d experience at a sundowner, except there is the aspect of the calming sound of the beach as well. So expect a calming and relaxing evening, with music that will definitely complement that.


3. Fur Coat is headlining the event.

Hailing originally from Venezula, and now Barcelona, Fur Coat’s ( Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine) music can be described as something between deep, dark and driven beats which is the absolutely perfect for the kind of vibe, Corona Sunsets is going for. Here’s a taste of what you’ll be grooving to:

fur coat mandala 2


4. The supporting acts are pretty damn good too.

Some of India’s best club artistes like Orbs and Zen, BLaNK Rohit Barker and Nikhil Chinapa will be the supporting acts at the event. The act we’re particularly excited about is BLaNK (Live), an experimental trio who push the boundaries of conventional DJing by re-editing 4/4 dance tracks and imagery and adding classical Indian influenced melodies with the earth tones of live instruments.

Native Instruments (leading innovators in the DJing space) will be tieing up and lending their equipment to BLaNk as the act is considered to be true dance music innovators known for incorporating cutting edge new technology into their live performances.


5. The best part? You can get in for free!

Providing, you get there by 7 pm and that your name is on the guest list, which is quite simple really. To get on the guestlist, you can log on to and fill in your details to get an automated SMS message saying you’re on the list, all you have to do is flash the SMS and enter the event. A simple and convenient way to avoid waiting queues for attendees.

Note : You will be expected to pay for your food and drinks.


Piqued your interest? We sure hope so! The next editon will be taking place at –

Where: J.W Marriott, Bangalore
When: Sunday June 14, 4 pm onwards