In the world of music, everyone is a fan.

However, there are those that believe that, THEY, are the ultimate fans, and on occasion, go by the name – “The Groupie”.

Here’s The Sherp’s list of things, that will help you identify a Groupie at, well, you’ll hear the word ‘favourite’ all the time, their favourite concert.  

1. They’re always trying to get up-front. 

Gif - Line


No Miss, we’re very sorry, take that step back. 

2. You know that the person next to you is a Groupie, when:

  • They’re always talking about the music.
  • They’re so pumped, and excited, that they could possibly be the ambassadors for energy drink adverts.
  • Their soul, and the music, are intertwined and extremely influential.
  • There’s never a calm, quiet moment when THEIR FAVOURITE SONG PLAYS!

That’s not too bad? Is it?

Gif - Feels


3. Groupies yearn for Backstage Access Passes, 

Common methods of persuasion include –

“I’m actually with the band”

“No, seriously, JACK! JACK! Tell them I’m with you!!!”

Gif - Backstage Pass

All accompanied by subtle, yet malicious replies like “Who’s Jack?


They usually know all the words, to all the songs, and while making those ‘elegant, effortless’ glances at that sexy bassist, they will continue to move and sing to the beat like no other.

In the world of Groupies, you can never have too many favourites. 

Gif - Favourite

5. Where there’s a tour bus, there is always – a Groupie. 

Their main aim, is usually to get on the bus, or at the very least, be noticed around it, even if it means being assertive.


Gif - Bus

6. When they’re busy looking at that bassist, their minds run off into various tangents, 

They presuppose an exchanged glance,

“I think he just looked at me, AND winked!”

Except, well, there’s just been a lot of dust going around at concerts these days. 

Gif - OMG


7. Groupies have a tendency to act like moths to a flame, the flame in this case, being their FAVOURITE artist.

They might jump, crawl, push, and pull, and even just yell to get some semblance of *insert artist name here*’s attention.

Gif - OMG YOU8. Every performance, is celebrated, and the Groupie knows where that celebration happens – or not, but they will find out.

“I’m here for the after-party” 

“Wait, where is it again? I so totally forgot!”

“I was told to ask you”

Tricky, but good. There’s some skills that everyone can take home from these conversations – skills of persuasion necessary for achieving your life’s goals. 

Gif - IDK


Yes, that is what happened. 

9. Groupies, are good people, they just tend to get carried away.

In constant conversation with who they have come to see, in their head, and somewhat in reality – they crave the meet and greet with their…

Gif - Drum Roll

Favourite artist.

Having waved and received a smile, their conversational repertoire obviously got a lot richer.

Slow claps. 

Gif - Conversation

(All Images Courtesy: Giphy)