Update : Tickets are now live

Vir Das’ Weirdass Comedy and OML are bringing us a brand new 3 day comedy festival in January! So how will the Festival function? Vir Das breaks it down for you.


This 3 day festival promises to feature some of the best comics from India and abroad and will take place in multiple venues across Mumbai. These three days of ‘phunny’ will have over 69 artist perform
a variety of comedy from stand-up routines to sketch comedy to improv and comedy theatre! The festival will beprogrammed by Weirdass Comedy, India’s premier one-stop funny shop, in partnership with Only Much Louder, a company that occupies a unique space in music, alternative lifestyle and youth culture in India.

Why a comedy festival?

To put it simply, the festival is enterprising attempt by Weirdass Comedy and OML to bring together comic resources of the country on a larger scale that was is already prevalent. This would be the first time 69 comics will perform under one ‘festival’ in India.

Vir Das, from Weirdass Comedy and India’s top-selling comedian says, “I feel the comedy scene in India has matured enough to show unity and scale. Weirdass Comedy has always been a collection of the best comic talents and we thought it would be great if we could get everyone funny in the country together for three days of madness. A comedy festival like the kind in Melbourne or Montreal has never been attempted in India. This will be the first time. The audience is going to be spoiled for choice,”

Festival line-up
The line-up of the festival features some of the funniest, and most popular comics from India and abroad like  Vir Das, Cyrus and Papa CJ, father of the Malay comic scene Harith Iskander and up-and-coming comic Douglas Lim, Tanmay Bhat, Mumbai favourites Sorabh Pant and Rohan Joshi and many more. Here’s the full list:

 Weirdass Comedy
Alien Chutney
All India Bakchod
Smart Casual
Improv Comedy Mumbai
Polished Bottoms
Abijit Ganguly
Abish Mathew
Adam Dow
Aditi Mittal
Amogh Ranadive
Aadar Malik
Atul Khatri
Anu Menon
Kavi Shastri
Anuvab Pal
Ashish Shakya
Ashwin Mushra
Azeem Banatwa
Brij Bhakta
Daniel Fernandes
Dolly Thakore
Ishq Bector
Jamie J
Jayati Bhatia
Jeeveshu Ahluwalia
Kaizad Gherda
Kaneez Surka
Karan Talwar
Karunesh Talwar
Kenneth Sebastian
Papa CJ
Neeti Palta
Neville Shah
Nishant Joke Singh
Kunal Rao
Praveen Kumar
Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal
Raghav Mandava
Avantika Averkar
Harith Iskande
Rajneesh Kapoor
Rohan Joshi
Sonali Sachdev
Sahil Shah
Sundeep Rao
Sapan Verma
Sidd Coutto
Sorabh Pant
Suresh Menon
Tanmay Bhat
Tushar Abhichandani
Varun Thakur
Vipul Goyal
David Quirk
Vir Das

The festival has also pulled together all of India’s major comedy collectives such as Weirdass Comedy, Improv Comedy Mumbai, All India Bakchod, The Polished Bottoms and Schitz en Giggles.

Festival programming

 With some of India’s best comic brains at work together, the results shall be funny to say the least. Fans will be treated to specially created, thematic shows and improv battles across the city. Apart from making people laugh, the festival will also focus on comedy education. The festival also features book readings, discussions and academic sessions with major comedy authors, actors, performers and producers.

The programming of the festival will be divided into three categories and spread across different venues – briefs, boxers and pajama.

 The Briefs: A comedy experiential zone that will feature stand up acts and workshops, to be held at small venues.

The Boxers: To feature comedy performances, improv acts and comedy music bands at venues designed to hold up to 250 people.

The Grand Pajama: A big, laugh-all day event featuring five curated shows, four of which will debut at the festival, featuring some of comedy’s biggest names across different comedy genres.

The festival also has unique concept where it divides the city of Mumbai into four zones from South Bombay to Powai and will take over venues in each zone that will showcase comedy all weekend. “The concept is quite simple: No matter where you live, comedy comes to you,” says Vir Das.

The Sherp can’t wait! Can you?