Music festival fashion has for long ignored the most dedicated people in the world, the ones who’ve handed over their life to marijuana.

And The Sherp is here to settle scores once and for all.

If you’ve known MaryJane consumers, you’ll vouch for their loyalty to the plant; their unabashed promotion of its pros and their long-ass speeches arguing for its legalisation. And if anything, they wear this love on their sleeves. So for these staunch supporters of pot, we have a collection of dope-loving fashion accessories.

Loosen up

Just like the herb which works its way to induce languid calmness, stoners are not ones for upright clothing. From loose garments to harem pants, to charmingly underwhelming pyjamas, there is more in life to worry about (cue: existential problems), than the t-shirt you wish to pair your pants up with.


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Hit the 70’s

There is a reason that, before pot began to be regulated the way it is, the generation of the 70s, experienced the psychedelic wave. With music that encouraged the best high times, to people who smoked pot, did so proudly and most freely with unabashed carelessness. Go back to their monochromes, their florals, their ability to pull off bell-bottoms. Basically, go Woodstock!

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Bring on the plant

The weed plant is not just a diagraphic eponymous representation, but it symbolises the entire marijuana movement. So it would only make sense to have the plant on everything you put on, just stopping a step before getting the plant tatted on your body. From pants, t-shirts, to dresses with the plant drawn on it, sporting one is a universal declaration to your one and only love, hemp!

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Hat up the beanies

The Rastafarians may have used the beanies as cool forces of cover against the sun, but trust every stoner on earth to take it up. If you’re a true stoner like your roach-rolling-skill says you are, then you must have a beanie. In strong cultural colours of reds, yellows and greens, no less.

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Stop washing your hair

You might think that the first step to being a stoner is getting the dreadlocks made popular by our Jamaican brothers, but in fact, you must actually stop washing your hair so the dreads can be made in the first place. If there’s one clear cut giveaway to your stoner status, then this is what it is. Good luck maintaining that, though.

You might think that not washing their hair is what shabby stoners do, but it is an indigenous plan to hide that joint so no one’s watching.

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Poncho that belly

It doesn’t get more loose than wearing a poncho; and it’s the perfect trick to hide that beer belly. Plus, it will be a nice concealer for all the stoner artifacts that you will be carrying on you.

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Tie-dye your garb

Take away from the psychedelia wave of the 70’s, tie-dye is the perfect wash out the clothes that shelter your stoner spirit deserve. Reflective of summertime high, tie-dye, that you can to your clothes even at home is the must for every marijuana lover’s closet.

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Plants for your feet

Your feet deserves grass of the best kind. No, we don’t mean the grass of the ground. But we’re talking of pot – hemp slippers, made from the finest skunk is the perfect companion for the blunt in your hand. Wearing what you smoke, what’s more authentic than that?


Dress up your joint too

If you fancy some glamour, get yourself rolls that drape the plant on your wonderfully rolled joint too; proving the perfect accessory to your weed.

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Or just, you know, be

Hey, stoner, or not, we’re all for not allowing fashion to represent what you believe in, or allowing it to. There is nothing sacrosanct about being a stoner. Know how diversely different Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are? They’re both the most badass stoners we know. So, go, figure.  

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