Who knew Wiz Khalifa had a dual identity as a DJ?

The DJ industry is booming right now and it seems everybody wants a piece of the pie. Wiz Khalifa debuted his DJ alias Daddy Kat last year and seems to have risen the ranks in his new endeavor. He has been performing at various upscale parties and music festivals and most recently at EDC Las Vegas.

Take a sneak peek at his EDC set :

You’d think a rapper-turned-DJ’s skills to be a bit wonky, but suprisingly enough Wiz is actually quite talented on the turntables. Though rapping is still his primary focus, he does know how to keep the crowd moving, according to Ty Dolla Sign, “Wiz’s DJing skills are incredible. He’s actually called DJ Daddy Kat. He kills it. Every party we went to, they go up…. We both DJ actually, so he’ll give me songs, I’ll give him songs. DJing is the shit.”

Check out DJ Daddy Kat in action at SXSW :

Well it seems Wiz isn’t playing around or trying to pull a Paris Hilton, so more power to him. What do you think of DJ Daddy Kat’s skills? Let us know!