Allegedly, scoring a pass for the festival was tougher than scoring one for Burning Man.

San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts just hosted The Internet Cat Video Festival and calling it a major success is underplaying the frenzy it caused. In fact, the tickets were so coveted that they were harder to procure than tickets to Burning Man, with people begging for tickets on Craigslist and emailing organizers. Video curator Joel Shepard was astonished at the response when they sold out, “It’s crazy. We aren’t ready to accommodate all the need. We sold out seven screenings but could have easily sold 70,” Shepard said. “I saw people on Craigslist asking for tickets. People have been emailing me begging for tickets.”

The festival slogan All New! All Cats! All Crazy! describes the event perfectly as it featured a curated collection of viral cat videos put together by the cat artist Will Braden, an exhibit about felines on film at the Cat Museum of San Francisco, a fortune teller who could do cat astrology readings and a “cattoo” parlor. In another room, San Francisco Animal Care and Control had litters of kittens for adoption.
—– (Source : Guardian)

Check out some of the shorts displayed at the festival :