Homer, Lisa, Bart and Marge attended the ‘Blazing Guy’ festival, and it was hilarious

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Burning Man is one of the most extraordinary festivals in the world. Its immense popularity can be credited to the experiences shared by many a Burner who describe it as much more than just a festival, and it can only be explained once you’ve put yourself smack in the middle of its isolated barren venue.

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The Simpsons, by far one of the most successful satirical shows to ever grace the television, recently aired an episode which depicts the family’s experience at the ‘Blazing Guy’ festival, a gathering in the middle of the desert, much like Burning Man itself.

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David Silverman, the director of The Simpsons, is also an ardent Burning Man fan, and has been a regular at the festival. So if you’re a faithful ‘Burner’ just like Mr. Silverman, this is something you cannot afford to miss.

The 2014 Burning Man was held in the Nevada Desert from August 25 – September 1 and faced some difficulties during its week long schedule. Know more about this and the entire Burning Man 2014 experience HERE.  

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