This weekend, Bacardi NH7 Weekender will be returning to where it all started five years ago, Pune. Here are some bands/artistes playing that will definitely amp up the ‘happiness quotient’


Day 1 – Friday


1. Goldspot

As the headlining act on Friday, November 21, Goldspot — with its happy-go-lucky beats and tunes — will take care of any blues you might be feeling. Hailing from New Jersey and Delhi, this crossover indie act has been around for a while, once described by the Los Angeles Times Magazine as ‘A hint of George Harrison at his transcendental best’.

The band is well known for its upbeat single ‘Friday’, which also turns out to be the day they’ll be at in Pune. A casual coincidence? I think not.

Set timing : 8:45 to 9:50 pm, The Dewarists Stage

2. Madboy/ Mink

Sorry for the terrible pun, but with Madboy/Mink on stage all you’ll be having is a mad time. Their incredibly unique and catchy mash-up of disco, fun, old-school swing and amazing showmanship will leave you dancing your feet off!

Set timing : 8 to 8:45 pm, Micromax Megamix Stage

3. Songhoy Blues

Songhoy Blues is a band from Mali, with a fresh and refreshing take on folk rock. Most of their songs are guitar-influenced, with lyrics dedicated to peace and reconciliation. They’ve recently done a tour in UK and now it’s time for us to witness their brilliance in Pune!

 Set timings : 7 to 7:50 pm, Dewarists Stage

 4. Tejas Menon

If you’re someone into foot-tapping acoustic-y stuff, make sure to check out singer-songwriter Tejas Menon and his energetic and fun tunes this Friday.

 Set timing – 3:40 to 4:20, MTS Discover Stage

Day 2- Saturday
1. Bhavishyavani Crew

Bombay’s oldest and most legendary party crew have been around for the past decade, throwing down gigs and shows whenever they see fit. Over the years, they’ve become an agency that indulges in some really fantastic and unique music projects. Wait and see what they’ve got in store for you this Weekender, guys.

Set timing : 8 to 8 : 50 pm, Micromax Megamix Stage

2. Duke Nucleya

India’s newest bass god will be unleashing an exclusive set under his new moniker Duke Nucleya, apparently inspired by the first person shooting game – Duke Nukem 3D. The set will feature some fantastic pyrotechnics, stage dancers, live percussionists, collaborations with Alo Wala and General Zooz and of course a whole lot of bass.

Set timings : 9 to 950, Micromax Megamix Stage



3. Big City Harmonics

Big City Harmonics is a live electronica act spearheaded by Rohan Hastak. The music is produced using a combination of sampled elements and original compositions.  For those of you haven’t heard BCH’s stuff before, you’re in  for a quite a happy treat.

Set timing: 5:10 to 6 pm, Micromax Megamix Stage


4. Amit Trivedi

Expertly mixing urban melodies inspired by traditional or earthy backgrounds, Amit Trivedi’s compositions are always a treat.
We’ve seen him wow audiences on Coke Studio and turn a bunch of Kolkata kids into roaring fangirls and boys. Now it’s Pune’s turn to enjoy the live music of one the country’s most talented composers.

You’d be a fool to miss this one.

Set timing: 8:49 to 9:40  pm, The Dewarists Stage 


Day 3 – Sunday
1.  Voctronica

As India’s first ever all-vocal ensemble, Voctronica have fast become a popular act to watch perform. Consisting of beat-boxers, classical singers, pop, blues and rock vocalists, Voctronica has set out on a mission to show you the real power of the human voice.

Set timings: 3:40 to 4:20, Red Bull Tour Bus

2. Alo Wala

Alo Wala is a live electronic band featuring Shivani Ahlowalia (hence the moniker) and bass head Copia Doble Sytema. Their music has influences of hip-hop and other bass sub-genres that can really get you on your feet and dancing.

 Set timing : 6: 30 to 7:20 pm, Red Bull Tour Bus

3. All India Bakchod

India’s favourite online comedy group will be putting on a special show for their fans this weekend, which includes a live music performance. Definitely not missing this one!

Set timing : 6:50 to 7:50, MTS Discover Stage

4. DJ SA Vs. DJ Skip

We’re predicting DJ Sa Vs DJ Skip is going to be a pretty wild set. This Sunday, you will watch India’s favourite Hip hop and trap DJ in a face- off with the ace turntablist and sound designer known to be as DJ Skip.

Set timing:  6:10 to 6:50,  Micromax Megamix Stage


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