Now one of the biggest indie bands in the country, looks like Tame Impala, understandably, wasn’t so hot in 2008.

After a fairly wicked year, what with their headlining set at Coachella and the positive reception to their album Currents, Tame Impala is one of the bands with the highest demand at music festivals.

But back in the day, in 2008, it was just these hipster looking kids from Perth nobody imagined would make it this big. Watch this video below that shows the turnout at Australia’s smaller festivals, Wave Rock Weekender, as Tame Impala perform‘My Lover Mother Nature’ to a mellow, if not downright sleepy audience.

This just illustrates how far the band has come. If you’re a fan, like we are, then you ought to feel uber-proud. here’s another little thing that will make you feel nostalgic about the days when Tame Impala was pretty much broke but still endearing, and also probably make you grin.