Bollywood has decided, what about you?

Salman Khan leads the Bollywood Celebs, coming out  in support of worldclass producers, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Recently, Sonakshi Sinha was prompt to show her love for the artists in a recent post. The top producers recently released a video, on their official page, of the Bollywood celeb asking the public and especially his multitude of fans to vote for DVLM for the #1 position for SMASH DJ MAG’s Top 100 DJ’s list. Check out the video below:


With the amount of people obsessed with the BHAI of Bollywood, it looks like DVLM is gonna get a whole lot of support from India. This isn’t a first for the star as Salman has supported the artist in the past.

Who knew Bollywood stars had so much love for EDM, or do they?

To vote, click here. You can also also visit this.