Hardcore festivals can get pretty insane, but this girl took the insanity to new heights! (literally!)

If you’re scared of heights, you most definitely shouldn’t try this at ANY festival, whether you’re on a dangerous cocktail of booze (not recommended either) or just plain ballsy. Well, this raver threw all these rules out of the water and climbed the main stage of Harmony Of Hardcore!

The officials didn’t seem to notice anything till the second half of the video when the performing DJ stopped the music and got an idea of what was happening. Amidst a chorus of cheers, boos and requests to come down, the girl was in her own world, clicking pictures from the top and making hand gestures to people.

It’s not a good idea to climb on top of a stage for a few cheap thrills, as you could be the reason for an entire festival shutting down. Did we mention it’s not safe?

We have no further news on what happened to the girl, but we really hope she’s alright.