Coachella has had its funny moments, but this one definitely deserves a place at the top. David Spade, in a Funny Or Die video with Baywatch star Charlotte McKinney, mocked the entire Coachella attendee stereotype in one fell swoop!

This hilarious video shows David sitting at the counter, helping festival goers register themselves while poking fun at them, with Charlotte starring as a typical festival girl who apparently has no idea that bands perform at the festival.



From sex in portaloos to buying Molly off the counter to even boasting about Instagram and Snapchat being special skills, this video covers it all! It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, as this video pokes fun at everything.

“Would you wanna buy some coupons for the Molly stand? It’s gluten-free this year,” says David Spade in the video. You can watch it right here!