Matt Damon, Sia, Joaquin Phoenix, Kate Mara, Bill Maher and many other celebrities have come together to help end the barbaric practice.

The celebrities, in association with Marc Ching, the founder of the Animal Wellness Project who is on the ground in China trying to save dogs, released an emotional PSA for the Compassionate Project. The video features other celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone and Alyssa Milano, requesting people to ‘be a human’ and put an end to the torture and suffering the animals have to undergo before they are butchered for the festival.

Every year, hundreds of dogs are stolen and tortured for this despicable festival, where it is believed that more an animal suffers, the better the taste. The Animal Wellness Project is hoping to educate people about this barbaric belief. Ching says, “Whether or not you think it is something to be eaten or on the menu, cruelty and torture and violence is wrong.”

The festival is slated to begin on June 21, even though animal rights organisation around the world are fighting to end it.