When the phrase ‘pure fiya’ gets a bit to literal. Thankfully, no one was fatally hurt.

Drum and bass legend Andy C’s EDC set on Saturday was pretty…lit, as one of the stage props caught fire at about 3 am. The fire was reportedly caused by a malfunctioning pyrotechnic device. Stage workers at the bassPOD stage rushed to put out the flames, but the fire was only put out once the festival’s on-call firefighters were brought on the scene. One stage worker suffered mild burn injuries and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The festival has about 17 firefighters and 12 fire inspectors assigned to oversee security and other concerns per night. Their quick response was the reason further tragedy was averted. Insomniac Productions, the main promoters of the events, ejected around 34 people from the scene as quickly as possible.

This incident draws more focus on the growing concern about festival safety and we hope other organisers use this as a warning for future events.