TimeOut72 Hours Festival will make its debut this year!

Following the recent launch of WaterLemon Events just a few months ago, 32-year-old Vaishal Shah has now set his sights on TimeOut72’s music festival in Goa this December. The young newcomer is currently preparing to throw in his hat with the major leagues, and follow the precedent set by Sunburn and Vh1 Supersonic. Despite all the pressure of the world watching him, Shah retains his self-assuredness and confidence in the venture.

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Goa is the land of pleasure and sunshine to India. Sunburn, the country’s first global music festival was born of its sandy beaches, and entertained festival junkies from around the nation, flocking together to witness the spectacle. Vh1 Supersonic followed suit, adding to Goa’s newfound reputation as festival-central. However, it was not to last. With increasing pressure from authorities and restrictive policies that left them with little wiggle room, the two major festivals soon packed up and moved their attention elsewhere, leaving an era of opportunity for newcomers in their wake. Many tried and succeeded, only to abandon the endeavor when things got messy. The dawn of the new year, however, promises a rebirth. TimeOut72 is here with 3 days of music festival goodness, kicking off on the 27th of December at Vagator.

The festival, which is being organized by WaterLemon Events, is an initiative by three live-event rookies from Ahmedabad. Their triumphs against India’s leading event companies in an exclusive tender by Goa Tourism and their inclusion of international collaborators the likes of EA Events has ensured that every eye is trained on them. Their impressive lineup, which includes big names like Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo, and Martin Garrix is attracting a lot of attention from avid music lovers.

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With a background of movie production, Vaishal Shah formed WaterLemon Entertainment with passionate music lovers and friends, Aayush Mehta, and Argha Chatterjee, who raised the capital for this venture by investing from their own money. “Movies has been a successful venture for us and music seemed like the next best logical step considering more than 65% of Indian population is driven by live music concerts and gigs.” He said, in an interview.

TimeOut72 was born with the aim of reconnecting with ones inner self over the course of 3 days, through a medium of music and dance. The festival was designed to serve as a literal “Time Out” from personal and professional pressures and aspires to do just that!

As a company, TimeOut72’s aim is not to increase profits, but to create a long-term asset that will augment state tourism and increase local commerce and trade in a legitimate manner. “We would like to believe that there is a sincere commitment that was seen in our endeavor by the higher authorities which made us the ideal candidates.” Shah quotes.

With a determined focus on Goa due to its status as the ultimate recreational destination for families as well as the youth, the trio could not imagine another place to debut the live event. “There is something magical about Goa and the state resonates with the spirit of dance, music and live entertainment” Shah says. In an interview with a reputed news portal, Shah explains that TimeOut72’s goal is to develop a category creator in the crowded marketplace through a well-curated artists lineup, top of the line production, eclectic global partnerships and engaging fan experiences. “It’s a set-up of great technology coupled with top-quality music set against an aesthetic milieu that doesn’t discriminate anyone basis their vocation, caste, culture, gender or creed.”

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With a vast array of experiential elements, TimeOut72’s vision is to create a larger-than-life experience similar to global giants the likes of Tomorrowland and EDC. Their goal is to build franchises all around the world and put India on the map in true enterprising fashion. “It takes a lot of courage to bring to multi-platinum artists for a brand new festival especially when the consumer is flooded with options to choose from and there is brand building exercise every new player needs to undergo to create a strong top of the mind brand recall value.” Says Shah.

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The company has a number of industry experts and professionals working alongside them to amplify their vision of becoming category creators in the marketplace, with Aayush Bansal for artist curation, Rahul Merchant for marketing, Ninad Shah and Utkarsh Bansal for sponsorship, Rodney Barnes for production, Jashoda Madhavji for publicity, Param Dhanoa for project management and Khantil Mehta for design.

Their current focus is to deliver a fantastic edition of India’s very first intrinsic festival. “Over the next 3 years we will look at roping in artists like Rihanna, Drake, DJ Khaled, Calvin Harris, U2 amongst others for multi-city homegrown tours,” Says Shah.

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