Since the advent of online gambling, the internet world has been trying as much as possible to make the most out of the innovative products available for its online users. Online gambling sites like king billy have made serious efforts to improve the overall user experience through the improvability in visuals and game play.

          Lurking around the corner is the next innovative technology which is speedily taking the waves of the online gambling world. This technology is virtual reality (VR) as commonly known. Virtual reality (VR) is simply a 3D simulation environment which fosters interaction in a realistic way. The use of gears is what enables us to have access to this simulated environment. VR headset, sensor gloves and a screen are the main gadgets that get one immersed into this new reality.

          VR technology is a new way of offering players the new ultimate experience in playing their favorite games on online casinos. It allows the players to interact with other players directly when playing the casino online. Since 2018 VR technology has been around but factors like cost of hardware have been major limiting factors towards its popularity and usage. The prediction is that there will be an increased usage in more VR products and online casino software providers will adopt the technology.

          Virtual reality has also had a huge impact in the gaming industry with Pokémon Go and Oculus Rift, the top names concerned. The players have been offered more immersing gaming experiences in their homes. Rapid technological advancements in virtual reality has caused the popularity of online virtual casinos to increase. This article explores the concepts of virtual reality and how these technologies influence online gambling. We will also look at the future expectations and role we expect virtual reality to contribute to online gambling.

  1. Virtual reality and online casino: Virtual reality online casinos are one of the biggest benefits that would be derived from virtual reality. We already have slots that have their own VR version and more will follow. Although the technology is still available for improvement, VR technology can provide the best experience for both reality and simulated environments. Players would be given the comfort of enjoying their favorite casino games from home without missing any part of the experience.

          It is expected that more VR games will be available in the years to come by. Slots has been the first to get initiated into the VR world, but we expect other games like poker, roulette, blackjack and other classics to follow. The fun goes as far as making players move around the environment and choose their best games they wish to play.

  • Virtual reality and online poker rooms: The poker room is another area that VR technologies can greatly have an impact. One would imagine sitting at a table and looking at a follow player although a virtual one. The suggestion is that VR poker rooms will be a major hit in the markets because initial successes have been recorded in the integration of 3D graphics and webcam on tables. Although the cost of production and implementation is high and may pose a major retarding factor in the rapid usage and integration of these technologies into the gambling sector.
  • Virtual reality and online sport betting sites: There can be some interaction between VR technologies and live betting sites. People like to watch and place their bets as well so these may open up some possibilities for interactive experience.
  • Virtual reality and online bingo sites: Online bingo site is one of those areas that virtual reality might play an effective role in. The game is loved by millions with the biggest online bingo site making use of chat operators that makes sure customers are always engaged. It could be a real game changer for the industry.
  • Augmented reality in casinos: King Billy Canada is one of the top casino sites that are ready to integrate augmented reality into their casino experiences. This technology will allow the superimposition of real world objects into the digital environment.

          This technology will provide players a 360 degree feeling of their environment as they can interact with players and objects in the virtual world. Improvements in visualization and realistic sound accompaniment will improve player experience.

Limitations to VR and AR adoption in online gambling

Many industries have adopted the use of AR and VR in online gambling. Major factors such as cost of hardware and AR softwares are still in developmental stages and are major limiting factors. They will be continuous growth and usage as more advanced graphics and sensory experiences are being improved and might be the major change that will affect the gambling industry.