What technology available today will shape the future of gaming? The emerging trends in technology have geared up to provide some of the breakthrough innovations that are sure to impact the gaming industry. 

So, what tech innovations can be expected, and how will they affect gaming in the future? Let’s check out some of the trends and their expected impact on gaming in the near future:

Usage of Extended Reality (XR)

When combined, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is termed as XR mainstream. The biggest use of this technology is visible in mobile gaming, with continuously increasing demand among gaming enthusiasts.

There are three driving factors that would propel XR and especially VR usage in the mobile gaming industry. First, the newer consoles are expected to be more powerful than ever before to handle the requirements needed by XR technology. Secondly, the introduction of 5G in the future will make VR streaming accessible via the cloud. The last one is that XR devices are becoming more affordable in the market. So this is an exciting time bith for XR technology and for the players who love to play games and want to enjoy online games.

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Boom in mobile gaming

Research predicts that there will be significant growth in the mobile gaming market. For the past few years, the market share of mobile gaming revenue has increased manifold, and as per the experts, it is set to grow by almost 59% next year.

Moreover, the global pandemic has resulted in a steep growth of the mobile gaming industry. People are downloading both traditional mobile games and online casino games on their mobile devices, to break down their solitude. There are several online marketplaces and app stores that offer a wide variety of games. The online casino game enthusiasts can also check out a trusted casino platform like AskGamblers to download their favourite games.

Immersive Gaming

  • Oculus Rift

The traditional VR consoles mounted on the head have seen little success. Oculus Rift is here to transform this experience to a 110-degree field view, supported by ultra-low latency head tracking system and immersive 3D rendering streaming. This technology enables players with responsive head-turning motion control, making game playing more fun.

  • Microsoft Illumni Room

The Illumni Room provides engaging experience to viewers by projecting games on walls and furniture, leveraging the geometry and appearance of a living room. Your home can be turned into a digital environment using just a Kinect camera and a projector, depending on the nature of the game you are playing.

Multi-Screen Gaming

Controllers with various gamepads have started offering multiple applications in certain games. Gamepads can now be used alongside a touch screen keypad, allowing gamers to complete secondary tasks without pausing the game on the main screen. For example, if another family member wants to use the TV, the gamepad can be used as the primary screen, thus removing the requirement for a television.

SmartGlass can be used to surf for various shows on your console while interrupting the content on your primary screen. Some game developers are also providing the facility where a player can stop playing the game on one game console and continue on other gadgets on the go. 

Facial and Voice recognition

Gaming companies have started using facial and voice recognition. Soon the game consoles will read your facial expressions and help the players in various ways. The gameplay becomes more exciting for players when they are able to play with the characters that resemble the gamers. The 3D scanning camera to scan emotions with face recognition technology is ready to take the gaming experience on another level.

Advanced microcontrollers have made it possible to develop games with voice controls. This app helps to build a relationship between the player and the main gaming character, making mobile games even more fun to play.

Cloud Gaming

Developers are shifting from a hardware system to cloud computing services, thus reducing the load on mobiles and other gaming gadgets. The conventional consoles require more physical memory to store data. Cloud technology has overcome these limitations and enabled extensive game servers to support dynamic images and uninterrupted streaming via the internet to the user’s device screen. Know more about benefits of GPU dedicated server and windows virtual desktop for cloud gaming.

Custom Avatars of a human face 

The most amazing advances in future gaming will be in the field of the facial recognition system. With the help of 3D scanning and human face recognition, players will be allowed to create their own replica while playing a live video game. It will take the gaming experience to the next level as players will enjoy the feeling of playing in an actual gaming arena and real-world setting.

The inventive approach will include the process of transferring the player’s original expressions to the digitally virtual world and pass them on to a custom avatar representing the player. New 3D cameras with real-sense technology will help mobile game developers design games that can adapt to human emotions by scanning 78 different points on a player’s face.

Esports Competing with Physical Sports

Esports are live video gaming events where players play with competitors to beat them and win the championship. Esports are growing internationally and are expected to gain immense popularity in the future. Based on the statistics of current growth and an increasing demand for digital sports, the gaming company leaders have claimed that these games may become a true rival for real sports that are played physically. Digitalization has made it possible for the players to play their favourite sports from the comfort of their homes, and win international online tournaments.


There are many gaming trends visible which reaffirm the increasing importance of technology in transforming gaming experience in the future. Users demand games that can exceed their imagination, and game developers are forced to incorporate new gaming elements leveraging various technological innovations.