It’s been a long wait but it seems like government restrictions are the issue.

The Vh1 Supersonic festival usually takes place in December, but until now no details about the venue and tickets have been released. Fans of the festival have been waiting eagerly to know more and finally, the festival has revealed the reason behind the delay in a simple and honest note posted on Facebook on June 30.

Events and parties in Goa have been facing some issues from last year when the Tourism Minister announced that music festivals will not be held during the peak Goa season, December 25 to 31. The post talks about the difficulties the organisers have been facing in bringing the festival back on the expected scale. Goa has an incredibly fertile music scene, especially EDM. Music festivals and concerts play a huge part in this culture and these new restrictions may hinder the party atmosphere we are all so used to.

We wonder what this means for the other major music festivals slated to take place around the same time. Keep checking this space for more!