The United States attracts millions of tourists who look for unique attractions. For this reason, check the 5 essential sites you shouldn’t miss during your next visit.

Start with the Freedom Trail in Boston, a 2.5-mile walking route where you can find the most relevant historical attractions in the city. Check the line of red bricks on the sidewalk to follow the path. There is no way you will get lost. Explore the Visitor’s Center in the Boston Common for all the details of the historical buildings. Don’t miss the Old State House, the Old City Hall, Paul Revere House, Faneuil Hall, and plenty more.

Head to Yellowstone National Park, where you can see an ancient volcano framing a dramatic landscape and showing natural phenomena. Don’t miss the geysers, hot springs, and gorgeous waterfalls along the Yellowstone River. This is the oldest national park in the US and protects several kinds of wildlife, such as free-roaming bison, black bears, antelopes, and grizzly bears. In addition, there are over 12 campgrounds for a camping experience you will never forget.

The San Antonio River Walk is another spot you can’t miss. It’s ideal for wandering around, enjoying some local food, or looking for souvenirs. The pedestrian area along the San Antonio River offers restaurants, outdoor dining areas, and lots of options for casual or fine dining. Spot the small boats along the river and the bridges for a quiet scene. The old trees provide some shade to enjoy the live music and seasonal events.

Continue to the Kennedy Space Center if you want to feel in space. The NASA spacecraft and the history of space exploration are displayed for visitors and educational purposes. Located in Florida, the center offers a close look at spaceships, a rocket garden, the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and the Journey to Mars exhibition. Don’t be surprised if you spend a whole day here. It’s an ideal place for families and children.

Head to St. Louise to see its famous Arch. The Gateway to the West is a symbolic piece that rises above the city. It reflects the sun during the day and is illuminated at night. The massive structure can be spotted miles away from any part of St. Louise. Built in the 1960s in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, the Arch is a symbol for this city and its people. Check the option to take elevators to reach the top part. It provides the best views of the city and surroundings.

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