The English trance producer will be performing at Mt. Everest Base Camp!

Paul Oakenfold’s new project Soundtrek involves the legendary producer and his friends embark on a serious of treks to the world’s various locations to showcase musical milieu from around the glboe. As a part of Soundtrek, Paul Oakenfold makes the journey through Nepal’s remote villages to Mount Everest Base Camp for a live concert at an altitude of 5, 350 meters! The event is slated for 11th of April.

Check out the Godfather of dance music talk about his project here:


Soundtrek will also help out the young DJs as it’s also a global DJ database. He’s been in the gym and running miles to increase his stamina. Billed as ‘the new music mix for a ‘travelogue generation’, each Soundtrek experience Oakenfold will create a unique Soundtrek mix to provide a sensory journey from some of the world’s most iconic locations.

The project aims to raise money for charities through epic events, sponsors, donations and looks to interact with local culture with music, sounds and global Dance Music. The proceeds from the event will go to Nepal’s Earthquake survivors.