Meet software nerds turned musicians, Three Oscillators.

No oscillator was harmed in the compilation of this article. Three software nerds who really liked experimenting on ‘FL Studio’,  played around with it and snowballed into aspiring full-time musicians! You know, no biggie, just some software nerds making really good music.

After 6 months of struggle with looking for an appropriate stage-name, these young nerds zeroed in on “Three Oscillators” because they have perpetually been using a plug-in called ‘3xOsc’ to make music. It also sounded cool and that never hurts. Shreyas Desai, Brij Dalvi (Age: 20) and Avit (Age: 16) are studying right now with the former two in their final year and the latter in Junior College.

After winning a competition organized by Delhi based label ‘Lowlit’, ‘Extant’ was uploaded onto their Soundcloud account and has been loved by listeners ever since.

They take their “dream of making everything under the Sun (except big room because big room is lame)” quite seriously for their music. For now, they have had glitch-pop, trip-hop vibes to their music and look forward to create “fast-paced footwork.

They performed a live set on the 5th of March 2017, courtesy of REProduce Artists in Bandra and it has only propelled them to work harder for the love of their audience.

According to them, their journey is focused on their future. They want to make sure that they’re working hard enough to make sure that journey is wonderful. They continue,”It’s been tumultuous, for sure. We’ve had college, assignments and money problems turn up in between (The struggle is real). It’s only been a couple of years so there’s no “journey” so to speak.”

Their advice is the best one we’ve had from musicians so far,”We’re budding producers ourselves, so our only tip is probably not to be lazy. If you have an idea, put it down on your piano roll or pattern ASAP, or keep it in mind till you get your hands on a PC. Every idea counts.”

Skrillex has been one of their biggest inspirations and “We’re big fans of and heavily inspired by Savant’s work ethic; he makes songs in no time!

They listen to many artists including Boaz van de Beatz, Happy Colors, Phonat, BT, Matt Lange, Deadmau5, Asa, Sorrow, Au5, Fractal, Phuture Doom, Kursa, Eastghost.