Oregon Eclipse, a multi-faceted global collaboration gathering in celebration of The Great American Eclipse, has announced its educational classes, keynote speakers, and workshops for the August 2017 event.
Oregon Eclipse’s The Village will house the ethos driving elements of the gathering’s wide-reaching programming, offering attendees the chance to truly engage the backbone of the first of its kind event.

Attendees may explore alternative methods of food production and energy creation at Permaculture Plaza, honor the ancestral wisdom of Earth Arts, or wander through gardenscapes of Edible Art and sustainable greenhouses built for Mars. Those seeking education may find themselves at the awe-inspiring workshops like Guerilla Science, 1Nation Earth Camp, the herbalistic Village Witches, the intelligent diet design of the Nourishment Lab, or countless other introspective offerings.

Within The Village’s container for exploration resides The Hub & Parlor which will set the stage for a slew of keynote speakers.

Headlining presenters include co-founder of NuMundo and Cosmic Convergence David Casey, on Networking the Transformational Ecosystem, botanical teacher Brian Wallace on the practice of Cacao Ceremonies, CEO and scientist Bruce Damer on Humanity’s Future in Space, social entrepreneur Gordon Fuller on Vision and ‘The Age of Awareness’, award-winning vocalist Amikaeyala Fuego along with activist Jasmine Fuego on Arts as Activism and many more movement leaders in various thought provoking verticals.

Jasmine Fuego

Credits: iEatGreen

The Village will also provide a sanctuary for deep meditation and focused movements, which will lie in the heart of the Yoga Shala.

Some of the key classes include “Deep Exhale” with former Olympic trained platform diver and yoga master Cristi Christensen with underground house producer Marques Wyatt on the decks, “Deep House Yoga” with yoga veteran Val along with house DJ alissa.jo, “Sex, Drugs, and Yoga” with radical yoga teacher and Cirque de Soleil coach Gypsy Bast, “Jai Maa! Flow” with activist and award-winning teacher Hannah Muse, “Art & Science of Aligned Movement” with Align Therapy founder and Align Podcast host Aaron Alexander and many more of the industry’s leading, most diverse movement and yoga instructors.

Aaron Alexander

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It is the combination of future shaping educational programming, world-class musical environments, jaw-dropping installation art, 50,000 acres of pristine lake-side wilderness and the singular natural phenomenon that is a solar eclipse that make Oregon Eclipse a truly once in a lifetime event.

Big Summit Prairie Ranch, two hours from Bend, will provide an incredible backdrop for this majestic event, an unmatched festival location, 55,000 acres of pristine wilderness. After scouring the West Coast for more than five years Symbiosis found a location that combines a 52 acre swimmable freshwater lake, rolling hills, wooded groves and a vast grassy plain – an idyllic container for the music, art, exploration and education that has come to define the Symbiosis experience.

Credits: oregoneclipse2017.com/

Symbiosis has a history with Eclipses, having held two events in 2012 – Eclipse 2012 in Australia during a total solar eclipse and Pyramid Eclipse near Reno – coinciding with an annular eclipse. In Kevin KoChen of Symbiosis Gathering’s own words, “there are some amazing things to see in the world, from works of art, vistas on mountaintops, or underwater preserves. But nothing can prepare you for the majestic spectacle of a total solar eclipse.”

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