The recently concluded Ultra Miami was, as expected, the craziest affair. Let our gif compilation of the festival tell you exactly what kind of madness went down!

1. Have you shuffled at an amphitheater before?

Fest Sherp GIF 2

2.  The Sherp didn’t know Canada had penguins but apparently they were in Miami….for Ultra!

Fest Sherp Gif 3

3. Can you keep up with her?

Fest Sherp Gif 4

4. Because we like dancing in the rain.

Fest Sherp Gif 5

5. Resistance is futile.

fest sherp gif 6

6. These girls seem so happy. That guy’s face though…

Fest sherp gif 7

7. Magicians stand on water and ultranauts…

Fest sherp gif 8

8. She’s so beautiful … I could watch this all day.Okay wait, I’m a little dizzy now.Very …. dizzy now.

Fest sherp Gif 9

9. Boom! That’s the explosive Mainstage for you.

Fest sherp Gif 10

10. Boy Wonder, Martin Garrix raising hell at the Mainstage.

Fest Sherp Gif 11

 (all images courtesy: Gregory Bowser)