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If you’re not into planning your music festival trips, and if you have a lot of cash lying around ($500,000 to be exact), you might want to take a look at It’s The Ship’s loaded package, aptly named The Ultimate It’s The Ship Baller Package.

Every feature of this Baller Package exudes opulence, and once you’re done utilizing every bit of this package till the last drop, you’ll probably make sure everyone you know remembers you had a more-than-gala time at It’s The Ship.

It’s not without reason that this package is worth boasting about. Imagine this; you and 5 of your closest squad members decide to max out your credit cards and spend a cool $500,000 on something that’ll make y’all feel like kings of the festival world, with the term VVIP slapped on everything you get your hands on. Isn’t that something?

Let’s delve deep into this package and check out the reasons why this is the real deal.

1. Transport facilities


Forget about checking the most VFM flights on websites; ITS is offering return private jet transfers from anywhere across Asia and Australia to Singapore! What’s more; you’ll have luxury airport transfers to and from Changi and Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Just to add to all this, ITS has been generous enough to include private VIP tours and luxury transfers around Penang island. Your Singapore travel is more than just sorted!

2. On-board goodies


This is the absolute core of the package: the very features that truly define the Ultimate Baller tag. Priority boarding? Check. The Royal Suite and 2 Royal Family Suites on the ship for 3 nights? Check. 24-hour concierge and security services for you and your friends? Check. Your own VVIP space on the main pool for 3 nights? Check. Priority entry everywhere on ITS, including the after-parties? Check.

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All that doesn’t even get the party started, because what’s a party without the best alcohol and food on offer? You can avail of either 50 bottles of Dom Perignon or 100 bottles of Moet & Chandon for the entire duration of stay. Not to mention one 50-year old bottle of Glenfiddich, one IWC Portuguese Red Gold and unlimited speciality dining on ITS. Also, just as small add-ons, you get casino credit worth $20,000, a private fireworks display for 5 minutes that you can detonate, a private dinner with an international artist, and your personal after movie for every night.

3. Experiences in Singapore


The party just doesn’t stop. You can have your own celebration both before and after ITS, because you’ll get 3 suites for 2 nights at Marina Bay Sands before ITS, and 3 suites for 2 nights at Capella after the festival. Also, you get to host your own ITS pre-party under your name, for ALL ITS guests at Kyo Singapore, with a $10,000 beverage credit and a VVIP table for you. To top it off, you’ll have a private shopping guide at Marina Bay Sands with $30,000 spending credit. What more do you need?

4. Your own stage!


We just had to save the best for last. What’s better than having an entire stage dedicated to you at a major festival? There are people who say that money can’t buy happiness, but such things come agonizingly close to lifelong elation. All for a cool $500,000.

5. Bragging rights for life

You’re pretty much going to brag about this for the rest of your life, and make everyone in the music festival world jealous of your accomplishment. Yes, completing the Ultimate Baller package is an accomplishment in itself, because you can never be less hungry for partying!

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What are you waiting for? Jump in and get this package before anyone else does!

If spending $500,000 is not your cup of tea, we have a lavish “It’s The Ship” budget curated specially for you.